Tips and Tricks for Roblox Bloxburg

In Roblox Bloxburg, you can build your dream house and work for your dream job. Here are some simple tips and tricks to earn more and level up.

Earning More Money by Delivering Pizzas

  • Be patient. Patience is required to work steadily as you can’t make a lot right after starting.
  • Work extra and do your level best. Be vigilant for orders.
  • You can purchase the excellent employment pass if you’d like to have a shortcut for extra money, but if it costs you too much, you can skip it.
  • Boost your mood before starting your shift. Rest, take a shower, and eat well. A low mood costs money, so you earn less.
  • Deliver most of the pizzas nearby. However, if you can handle the distance, you can go all the way to deliver it.
  • In case you don’t want to go far and still earn more, you can end the shift, go back to your workplace and start the shift again.

Bloxburg Glitches

You can earn money fast by using our roblox bloxburg money glitch and blockbux too. Click here to open the roblox bloxburg glitch.

Bloxburg Shortcuts

You can save time and money by enabling specific shortcuts described below.

Automatically Pay Bills

You can turn this on by clicking on settings. This feature helps you pay bills automatically so that you don’t have to remember paying them. This feature enables you to avoid defaulting on bills.


This feature helps you keep track of your expensive items. When you sell your house, this feature notifies you about your costly items and mentions their cost so that you can check if you want to sell them or keep them.

Roommate Building

If this feature is on, your friends or other players can build a plot near you so that you can have neighbors. If you don’t want anyone around, you can keep this feature off.

Weather Mode

It helps you change the weather and change from night to day.

Bloxburg Building Tips

  • Build smaller rooms so that you can avoid empty spaces after you have furnished them. Blank spaces will make you worry about what you should place there.
  • Establish a color scheme to make your house look better. You would not want your home to look old and rustic from the outside while being elegant from the inside. You can look up color schemes on Pinterest.
  • Choose decals for a more detailed decoration of your rooms. You can choose wallpapers and cover the full wall or half wall. You can even create your stickers.
  • You can customize your floor by choosing different floor patterns. You can keep the entire floor same or have a different design for a separate area.
  • You can turn on the “Build Mode” from the settings to have a grid view and build in a more calculated way.


The next time you play the game, you must try the above tips to build your house more efficiently and to earn more. One thing every player should be aware of is to never click on “Erase Game Data” because it will remove everything from your account and you will have to play from scratch.